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WEEDTAXI does not provide
passenger transportation services.


You've probably missed many opportunities to become financially independent,because you've always realized it too late.
This could be the last call to you to pursue YOUR dreams, not your employer's dreams. No more boring and slaves work, which are only enough for an existence, but not for a dignified life. Let me give you a tip:
Today, the market of the cannabis industry in Poland is estimated at over PLN 10,000,000,000 and continues to grow. This is the question:
Are you ready to finally take your life into your own hands? Can you find another excuse?

Who are we?

WeedTaxi takes care about people!.
People create atmosphere, trust, support for each other, for their families, for their loved ones!
People who aim to guarantee our customers the highest quality of services.
People who do not give up and who can turn even initial failures into successes!.
These people create the basic elements of our system, which are:

1. WeedTaxi are mobile stores that sell products made from Cannabis Sativa L..
2. WeedParty is a mobile smoking equipment rental, entertainment provider and event organizer.
3. WeedHelp is an access to medical clinics where the most needy can get medical help online – and more.
4. WeedHurt is a wholesaler that gives you the ability to control your territory, not just with a mobile store.

We stand out for our 24-hour availability, flexibility and unconventional approach to dozens of cases. Also, the possibilities for increasing your capital are constantly increasing.
All this is not just business, but our passion. The sum of our experience from customer expectations to make ourselves best.
You can become the owner of any territory in Poland. Find yourself in our structure, be promoted in it and receive passive income. We are currently looking for business partners for new locations throughout Poland.

What do we expect from you?

  • First, integrity.
  • Openness to customers.
  • Maintenance of distribution network standards.
  • Skills in human resources management.
  • Full commitment to sales development.
  • Knowledge in the operation of PCs and cash registers.

What do you receive as part of the franchise fee?

  • You become the full owner of the city or land for exclusive use.
  • Phone number assigned to your account and territory.
  • The know-how to run your mobile business.
  • Continuous logistics for the delivery of advertising material.
  • Sales and goods training package.
  • Individual account in the WeedTaxi system.
  • Merch WeedTaxi as needed.
  • Tailor-made social media.
  • Continuous monitoring by a coordinator.
  • B2B contact network.

What is necessary to build a collaboration?

  • Own vehicle.
  • Own financial contribution.
  • Own business.

Why WeedTaxi?

  • Because it is a workplace that combines passion, development, independence and an income of its own.
  • We have a simple and transparent operating principle:
  • 100% of the sales profit is yours!
  • We do not take any commission for the sale.
  • You will become the boss of your area in the long run, and we treat each other as equals.
  • Together we create more, together we can do everything!

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