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dried cannabis CBD And accessories
for smokers
Even up to 30 minutes
in your house!
WEEDTAXI does not provide
passenger transportation services.

About us

This is the place where the template should contain information about who we are. But how many such bookmarks have you actually read in your life? We don't want to invent another clichéd, boring story that won't change your life anyway. We do not like a scheme, we do not want to be strong elegant, correct with force, put on a masquerade of the sublime smile - we want to be truthful, so we are, so we are really ourselves.

Every day we cover dozens or even hundreds of kilometres on our way to you. We overcome various obstacles, we are not afraid of storms, hurricanes or tsunamis when we find you in the unacidified corners of your favourite places to see once again that almost a year ago it was worth putting everything on one card.


We want to be the leading distributor of products related to the hemp industry and a healthy lifestyle. We ensure that the companies that work with us conduct research at the highest level and in the best laboratories in Poland.

Customers have confidence in our products because our professionalism is visible in every possible detail. We are fully aware of our responsibility for the performance of the products you will find in our stores, which is reflected in the quality of the goods..


Our goal is to live in harmony with ourselves and not to poison our body with toxins and poor energy. Thanks to carefully selected employees, we have full control over the quality of the products..

In our shop we offer products for all those who want to pause for a moment and relax. A life in constant motion, no time for loved ones or even for yourself - We are here to distract you from your everyday duties and let you relax.

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